Protecting Communities...

Holding Offenders Accountable


Since becoming District Attorney, David has received broad support for his equal justice for all approach from the community and from law enforcement. His office has demonstrated that justice works best when evenly applied. His record of holding violent offenders, economic criminals, and impaired drivers accountable is a hallmark of his tenure. As District Attorney, David Soares established bureaus headed by experienced leaders, reinforcing his commitment to vertical prosecution and to the practice of “One Standard of Justice” employing the best-practices for 21st Century prosecutors.

Albany County District Attorney Soares has focused on pursuing and eliminating criminal enterprises, prosecuting sexual predators, protecting senior citizens, and convicting animal abusers.  

DA Soares has made sure that local law enforcement are outfitted with up to date equipment and technology, often donating items through his "Making Crime Pay" program to ensure that best practices are being followed by our officers in the field.

Why It Matters

“I am proud of my many accomplishments of protecting communities through enforcing the strictest DWI policies in New York State to disrupting illegal narcotics trafficking pipelines to creating a professional network to fight animal cruelty. Residents of Albany County deserve to live in safe communities, no matter their zip code.  From the countryside of the Hilltowns to the urban center of the City of Albany, everyone should feel safe at home, school, and work.”

Soares remains committed to bring best prosecution and conviction integrity  practices into Albany County through membership on the national panel of Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration, the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, the District Attorneys Association of New York State and as a New York representative of the National District Attorneys Association.